Welcome to City Academy!

It doesn’t take long for City Academy students and their families to understand that they are part of a unique learning community that has the potential to change their lives forever. The expectations are high, but so are the opportunities. By working hard and becoming partners with the dedicated teaching staff, our students can begin to see themselves and the world around them in a whole new way.

For families living in St. Louis, finding an elementary school that is high-quality and affordable is a challenge. City Academy exists to provide these families a solution.

No ordinary private school.

We’re high-quality. Educators from other private schools often visit City Academy to learn about our innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Our faculty and staff work year-round to ensure that our students are provided an educational environment that is based on best practices in teaching. City Academy’s curriculum is designed to prepare students for success as they progress to academically rigorous secondary schools, college and beyond.

We’re affordable. City Academy is the only private, independent elementary school in St. Louis offering scholarship support to 100% of our students. Every family pays something, but the tuition is based on need. We are able do this with generous support from foundations, corporations and contributions from many individual donors who share our belief that family income should not be a barrier to a high-quality education.

The results?

We’re excited! City Academy has celebrated nine graduating classes of sixth graders. In 2013, 94% of our graduates were accepted into academically rigorous secondary schools, including these top private independent schools: Chaminade, Crossroads, John Burroughs, MICDS, Thomas Jefferson, Villa Duchesne, Westminster Christian and Whitfield School.

In addition, City Academy graduates are representing themselves in colleges and universities! Over 83% of our college-aged graduates are enrolled in post-secondary school programs. 

How Do I Apply?

Start early! City Academy is in demand, with six qualified applicants for every student opening. Plan on scheduling a tour soon! This is a great way to see the school and find out more about our program. Contact Admissions Director Stephanie Dooley for more information.

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How Can I Help?

We count on generosity from the community! There are many ways to provide your financial support for this vital program. To find out more, or schedule a tour, contact Director of Development Steffani Lautenschlager.

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